Europe lags again

Hi in europe server again big lags what happen ?


Its been like this for a week, every evening. The pings seems fine but it’s rubberbanding, Even with 200+ ping on Asia i can play, so somethings else is wrong with the servers.

Same now on Monday evening CET…crap

same again …killed 2 tmes at hell lvl91 stop playing…it’s a shame

Lagging like the early 2000s worse even. Jeez its 2024 vastly superior speeds and what benefit is it?


nobody from blizzard even care enough to answer :smiley: you paid alredy no microtransaction so no need to maintain servers

Wow it’s lagging really bad :frowning:

Tfw the monsters who are supposed to kill you aren´t that scary anymore cause your biggest enemy is the unstable servers this company provides.

Rip my HC character.

Thanks Blizzard :slight_smile: