Feedback and Experience to Mercenarys

Normaly i want first give a complete Feedback to every part of the Game in one Topic but i will split it in to single pieces because it will be to long. So lets start with Mercenarys because its now an Update part next time. So my experience with Mercenarys are not so good i play as Main Character Assassin only Shadow Tree using so i decided to take a Bow Mercenary Because i dont need a thrid Frontman if me and my Shadow Master Assassin are already in front. So the Bow Mercenary should stay behind and make Damage as Hell. But the Ai dosent works well because the Bow Mercenary try all the time to running in front of me in to the Monster mobs and start Damaging and get instand killed wich was in Hell Mode a Catastrophy. She acts like an Babarian at this moment.

And now the funny part i made a Jarvazon and took one of the Frontier Mercenarys wich should more being protect you and walk next to you and go in front if enemys on screen but he diddnt do that! He walks 20 meters behind me or isnt there and still stay behind a corner only if i run into the mob and eat a lot of Damage he sometimes comes in. And he is not bugging in the corner that he try to move he realy stand there with a troll face as he would say no i dont want to be your infinity and tank the mob shortly i want to be a coward behind the corner and let you die because no money left to bring me back.

  1. So as result the Bow Mercenary have now the Spearman AI with a smile in face at dying go wild in like a Barbarian Princess and the Protector have AI of an Coward and troll you all the time and dont want to fight.

  2. The Movmentspeed of the Mercenarys should be the same like your Character have at this moment that includes also if i use with Assassin Tempo skill that he can all the time follow you instad of teleporting to you if you run 3000 Kilometers away. The Spear if he should go on protecting you in front should have 10% more and walks next to you and go more in front if enemys on screen.

  3. Aura of Mercenarys and their Equipment Aura should get more Range its way to small also the Mercenarys must look that they walk and stay so that the Character get all the time Aura Effect that they could realise that you dont get it and come from there self more close to your Character like they try to stay with you in a circle.

  4. Mercenarys death cost way to much take in Mind that it would be better to change it that it cost nothing to bring them back to life but hire another one cost way more the higher the Act and the difficulty is would be a better Option.

  5. Every Mode have diffrent Mercenary skills why not put the normal Mode Mercenarys also to the list from Nightmare and Hell and Nightmare also to Hell Mode list to chose.

6.Mercenarys Damage skills we can choose i take fire Bow or Ice Bow but why not also lightning Bow? And bring with Nightmare the Option to hire one with two diffrent Elemental typs like Ice and Fire shot + Aura or Ice and Lightning + Aura or Fire and Lightning and in Hell with all three Elementals + Hit Aura or would be also great that she can also get difrrent Aura typs later like +xxx% Damage that we must not take a Spear Mercenary for it and give the never hired Mercenary also the Option that he get some love to be hired one day.

7.Mercenary Equipment by switching them are deleted i would wish that we get in the future that we get a Mercenary button left side Top in Corner where we click on it and a window pops out and show us from all three diffrent Mercenarys an Equipment window like a Tri Force or in row from top to down side where we can put Equipment for every sort of Mercenary on and if we buy a sort of Mercenary or switch it that Equipment we put in there is automaticly Equiped by the Mercenary.

8.Potion slots for Mercenary wich they use automaticly if they lost to much HP or Mana. Mostly we find more Potions as we can carry so they find a good use.

  1. Target of Mercenarys are strange at this moment he should make Damage on the Monster that we atack only lets say the Bow Mercenary get one Monster to near at him that she short switch freeze the enemy take a new Position and go on with your target.

So that are my experience and thoughts about Mercenarys i hope it help a little bit for the future that you get a little more deep detail how they work now and how they could or should work in future.

In the next Topic i will give feedback to eye disease and what your Calibrations brought me in good but also in negative form and also what also stay negative.

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I also have something to say about mercenary and it would be cool if you get the option that you can set them in different modes for example aggressive (he goes forward) defensive or just follow mode.

Furthermore, I would find it cool if you could do more with his mercenary maybe seperaten skill tree as already in d3 only more in d2 style.More equipment would perhaps also be an option.

How cool would it be if my barbarian mercenary could withstand diablo without dying and I would have a free hand with my bow.

that’s it, thanks for reading

Maybe we could also get a “Wait in town” button for the mercs?

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My Barbarian Frenzy merc can kill alone Diablo and all the stuff in CS/Baalrun without dying.
But ya, has 1st weapon Grief PB, 2nd weapon Death PB, armor ETH Gladiator Bane with 2168def, ArreatFace helm. Even if this can be achieved with lower end weapons.

That’s a nice idea!!

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I saw in diffrent mods now , that the merc have addional character gear slots , like for shoes and gloves. It would be also cool if there would be gear only for diffrent type of mercs.
Its psychologic that we not feel alone with a Merc on our site even we play on singelplayer , i really like it =)