Fixing Melee: We actually need to fix ranged

And I know this would piss 90% of the playerbase, all the people spoiled by easy AoE clears and easy MFing… but this would be so good for the health of the game.

Melee builds would be viable again without first farming for them with a sorc.

To achieve this, we would need to do the following:

1.severely reduce the damage of all AoE spells. Maybe (depends on the spell) buff the damage on single target spells.

  1. Either do something about AR, or add a similar mechanic for spells.

I have more ideas, but I’d like to know what you guys think. And yeah, I know everyone will be pissed.

As an old time Diablo II player that (obviously) starts every ladder season with a sorc/hammerdin to easily clear/mf/runes farm I do have an urge to instantly say “f… you!”. But no, you are right, this could increase the interest in playing melee builds as first (and main) chars, but I do not think there is any chance that Blizzard’s current devs will ever pull that out, nor that they will even try.

Cheers for the idea man, impressed to see passionate players that still feel and care for this beautiful game that has become, once again, part of our lifes.

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Generally nerfs doesn’t feel good. I prefer if they bring underperforming builds closer to the a-tier.

There shouldn’t even be builds that are below c tier.

Thank you. ANd don’t get me started on fixing uniques.

And fixing uniques is as easy as calling Coooley and Mr.Llama and telling them “You’re working for Blizzard from now on, come buff the uniques”. I guarantee they would even DO IT FOR FREE. They’d breathe new life into the game in the space of a couple of months.