Fortitude crashes the game


Getting constant crashes when there’s a lot of Chilling Armour procs from Fortitude. I have it equipped on both my character (Paladin) and my merc. For some reason though it happens only in Throne of Destruction while fighting Baal’s packs with a lot of ranged attacks (2nd and 3rd). Then the Icebolt proc graphics get real bright and intense like, and cause some graphical glitches (dark squares) around them. Then usually the game sound goes “brrr” (looping) momentarily before crashing to desktop (no error is thrown).

I can’t get past Baal’s wave 2 or 3 without a crash 9/10 times…

The other character (Sorc) has no problems with this as neither she nor her merc is wearing Fortitude.

Really frustrating.

Cannot provide links to MSInfo/DXDiag files, as your system auto-deletes my thread as spam. Seeing that I’m not the only one with this problem though, I don’t think this is my system’s fault.


I confirm the same problem, since I got my Fortitude armor I am not able to play normally as before. Please fix the graphics effects.

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The same with Delirium runeword casts, even Dracul LifeTap cast crashed my game with a Zeal Paladin and high attack speed.

Happens to me too. My lightning Javazon crashed 5 times today in act 4 nightmare and i lost the horadic cube twice because of it.

well my amazon often freezes in place. game still running but i cannot move my character anymore

i’am experiencing crashes while fighting second Baal wave. Event Manager says: “Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered.” GPU: RTX 2080 Super.
my merc is wearing fortitude.

it was OK before the last update.

Almost a year later and this is still an issue! Cmon blizzard fix it.

Game crashes when engaging the Ancients. Stuck in nightmare.

I am having the same issue exactly at the same place. Baal’s waves 2 and 3 sometimes in other areas if there is a lot of ranged attacks that hit all at once the fortitude procs alot and then BANG there goes my game. its happened countless time now and i cant even run baal or really play the game because of it. very frustrating

I have the same problem, 2nd and 3rd wave, game doesn’t crash when switched to legacy mode, it also might be botd poison proc

Please fix this shit, it even happens if your merc has it on.

I teleport to the guys in the Travincal and BOOM… Game crashes. Thanks Blizzard!

Still an issue, but clown devs would rather make terror zones and sandddderrr charms that nobody asked for. Blizzard is a circu :clown_face:

change vfx lightning quality from ultra to high, this worked for me

My PC randomly freezes or AMD video driver stops responding.

Chilling armors still cause you to disconnect from the game. Well played blizzard.