Future Guild features?

Guild or community features such as rentable bot for baalruns. the reason idea would simply be that if you could equip for his community or guild a bot that then makes private games, which of course can not loot but only carryed eg normal baal runs for the community. this is not to be a troll or so, but you could also introduce guild levels or community levels just like in wow back in cataclysm only it should still be feasible for single players only more difficult

People were asking for guild/clan features in 2001 and it didn’t happen, so it won’t happen now after 22 years.

This game will not get anything more than some number tweaks and low-effort additions like runewords or terrorzones, which are nothing but a few lines of code with a layer added onto the screen…

Can’t make it any better than their new products.

I mean, imagine having a 2022 remaster but the classes are still locked to a gender, or in their terms: ‘body type’. They don’t want to spend a few bucks on voice actors so I wouldn’t expect anything else to happen that requires medium amount of effort.

And for all the people saying: ‘muh they’re just staying canon blah there are no male/female X’’…there are no female druids in WoW as well, yet you still can play one…canon =/= gameplay