Horrible lag while playing MA Assassin

I everyone,

I wanted to check if anyone else is experiencing hug lag spikes during boss fights with assassin MA build. Everything runs smooth until I encounter a boss that requires multiple hits to kill, and the game starts lagging really bad, mostly resulting in … death lol.

My internet connection is solid, so I guess the problem is Blizzard servers, or even the game?

I switched from dragon tail finishing move to dragon talon and the diffrence is huge. No more lag what so ever. The problem is clearly in dragon tail. Also added phoenix strike to skills and this makes it way more graphics-intense, so that means there is no overall lag on the servers… i think :slight_smile:

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also noticed this with fire trap assassin :S

It’s just the 2000s engine running under a wall of paint. All the BS is still there: skill lag, unable to hit mobs with ranged when they hug a pillar at a specific angle, clunky doors, getting stuck in ground clutter, unresponsive controls in corners, being leashed back when you ran through a door or narrow path that was already blocked by a mob on the server but not on your screen (< probably the most annoying and was close to getting me killed on HC dozens of times) etc.

I know this might sound stupid but i think your lagg might be hardware related how much RAM do you have?.

Asking cause i experienced lags not too long ago when playing Summoner necro and javazon but in my case that was due to lack of memory but now since i have upgraded i have no lag and smooth performance.

Not a single day since season 3 launch has been a lag free day. Many times I can just take the portal to a different act and after 30 sec looking at the door splashscreen i wake up dead. how can d2r be WORSE as time goes by, shouldn’t it be the opposite that they fix these issues…no they all come back, way worse. I just don’t get it. I see it as a decline of service, they give up, they cut personel, they don’t care.