Hostility conformation

I can’t resonate…maybe I’m just getting older or maybe because I grew up in Eastern Europe. Who knows!?
If complaining offers you closure, go ahead. It is your right. Just don’t raise your hopes up. You might get disappointed. :vulcan_salute:

Completely agree…I was just talking about the general vision and I was just trying to offer you a perspective to why this mechanic is in the game. Take care!

Wait, I’M getting older and also grew up here. What do we do now?

I know it’s never gonna change, i still hate it and can’t stop complaining about it. Danutz has his rants about endgame, i have my forced pvp hatred.

Don’t compare yourself with Danutz…it is beneath you. :slight_smile:
More than that, I actually enjoyed this conversation because despite the fact that we don’t see eye to eye, witch is ok, you kept it civilized.

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Now that’s way worse than being a serial PKer. You can fight PKers on equal terms. You can’t do anything if someone is set to complain endlessly. I want a “no complaints” filter in the forums. That would be great… no Players X, too expensive, too OP, too immune, too “game is not exactly how I want it to be” whiners.

You joke but you can just ignore people.

Then again i’m not sure what would be left in this forum if you remove all you mentioned. Maybe thousands of identical posts of “i found this rare item”.

Edit: Now that i think about it, imagine the forum not having moderators or ignore function. So if someone bothers you, your only option is to just stop using the forum. This is to create a more dark and gritty forum experience. Pretty absurd, isn’t it?

Sadly, you’re right. Not much would be left. The trading forum and a few topics in General Discussion. You could still leave the constructive criticism posts though. Also justified complaints centered around one topic, like the Classic community has done it. They have major issues and they all bump a single topic daily. I really respect that and I hope they finally get some attention. It’s very disappointing that they haven’t yet… for months!

Anyway, on topic. About your edit - the analogy isn’t correct. Quitting the Forum would be like quitting Diablo. You just quit Game X and create Game Y if someone ruins Game X. It’s more like when someone starts trolling so you need to make a new topic. But then we should actually have an equivalent (to game mechanics) option to protect topics. Say, add a rating system in the forum and only allow people within a certain rating range to comment on your topic. So following game mechanics would make the forums a safer place :stuck_out_tongue:

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Some of my best memories from Diablo 2 LoD was when I was hosting public baal runs.

Some people were paranoid and accused me of being a bot, so each time if I was hostiled up in an effort to ruin my games, I actively camped by the entrances to get them one shotted! :joy:

I like the idea of keeping it non consent because it can make it fun while at same time is not too hard to leave and make a new game in private or otherwise.

piss off crybaby … 20

no one want to be killed, but if you afraid about your game you can use password and no one killer cant join to your game.

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While I don’t like the mechanic that players can just go hostile on you unilaterally, I am okay with it…

Like other’s said there are protections in place so they can’t just travel to you immediately and snipe you instantly… You’ve got some time to decide what to do…

If you’ve just spawned Diablo in CS, that kind of sucks - do you abandon game? Do you kill Diablo and hope you can loot him before the PK reaches you? Yeah that’s tough…

But normally douchebags PK you at a random time in the run and it’s not a big deal to save & quit…

Often I’ll just TP/WP to a new Act or location so the PK can’t find me and I let them run around and waste time trying to hunt me down… Just keep a close eye on your minimap, and as soon as you see they’ve found you, just save and quit…

But Sanctuary is a big place :joy: so long as you farm something off-meta (like City of Damned, Flayer Jungle, Maggot Lair, Tal Rasha’s Tombs) - chances are they’ll never find you and just waste their lives being douchebags :rofl:

I like to taunt and mock them like this and see if I can make them lose their $h!t and quit in game… Their hostile /toxic messages in chat make for excellent memes :smiley:


This is part of the game since more than 12 years. Trying to pack players into paddings because you thing they are not grown-up enough is silly.
If you don’t find a solution yourself for that very rare social problem, choose another game!

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So i take it you still play with the legacy graphics right? Because that’s part of the game for 20 years.

If it’s a rare social problem, why is it an issue if it’s patched out? The poor sociopaths will be sad?

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you do realize by believing everything should be catered to you, you are the actual sociopath here right? oh the irony XD

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Of course, “G” is the first keystroke when entering a new game. Reduces e.g. loading times.

The “sociopaths” are very, very rare in the game. And there are enough ways to evade.

this can looks weird but I got killed by a pk and that was fun, and I do like “Don” the barbarian, I think that western part of the game is diamond

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I know what you mean. I don’t normally play PvP so when I got a PK in a game where I was levelling, it was a refreshing change of pace. Besides, where else will you see an Enchant Sorceress trying to shoot down a Charge Paladin 20 lvls beneath her with a bow… Sadly, I failed, but it was an actual fight, chasing each other around, hiding behind trees in the jungles of act3, etc, and it was fun and unique.

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Hostil mecanic should be changed imo.
It allows 1 single player to ruin the game. I dont play PvP, why do i have to be forced to duel if I dont want it ?? It’s not real life, if a play it is for fun, not to experience the stupid agressiv mind of other players.
Plz make pvp aviable only if both players agreed.

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Hostility is usually if not always undertaken by a Paladin on an assassin or sorceress that is defenseless in PVP. It is online bullying, and these people in general are POS. in Season 4, I tried building a Trap Assassin and while doing Baal runs, a Pal declared hostility towards me, not understanding why. I did not have a PVP character so I didnt have a chance. I left the game, came back with my Level 97 Amazon declared hostility towards him and decimated him. This puke deserved what came to him. They are mostly kids that like to play the bully, and the best way is to come back with a PVP player yourself, catch him off guard and destroy him. I still have his ear :slight_smile:

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