Hostility conformation

Some players in open games prevent others from playing by declaring hostility to them. This forces you to either leave the game or fight with them, which in any case disrupts your plans and wastes time. This is especially mean on hardcore. If I want to PVP, I will go to the appropriate game, where it is agreed between players. Please make it necessary to confirm the hostility between the players so that this cannot be done unilaterally.


Don’t expect hell to be a safe place.

There are enough mechanics for you to get to safety. His tp dissapears, he can’t use wp for a certain time. You should be town or left the game by then. They even fixed some spells which he could precast on your head like bonespirits ot blizzard.


That is the whole point. The game offers you the free choice to act or not like a sociopath. Especially in hardcore…that’s the idea…it’s an unforgiving environment where every monster or even player can ruin your hard earned progress.


I’m not talking about monsters which can kill hardcore character - it is player’s design to play hc. I talk about people who waste other’s time not only in hc, but in softcore too. This is the game where everyone can choose what he wants to do in the Sanctuary, but no one should force another to do what he wants by his actions. So the main message is “want pvp? go to game with corresponding name and don’t waste other’s time”.

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I understand what you are saying. But this is an intentional mechanic: to be able to hostile anyone and pk other players. It’s not an invitation to a duel. We’re just talking about a person who wants to kill you. You have 2 options: you fight or leave.

I have my stash full of ears, surely yours is there

It’s impossible, mate. No one has my ears, because I prefer fair duels only

A mechanic that rewards the guy ruining the fun of other people. Great mechanic.

I like this mechanic alot.

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Don’t forget we are talking about an RPG. It’s part of the roleplaying component of the game. Basically the game offers you the option to play the villain, the sociopath. Each chooses their own path.

Is it OK to “fun” with players who not ready or don’t want it? PK lovers should go fun with mobs or in games with names like “Duel” with players who are ready and want it. What’s fun to kill lvl 15 char with char lvl 75+? Even on softcore. Mates, it is about real world time the people spend in game and freaks who steals this time.

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What are you talking about? The fact you’ve created/joined free for all game already means you are ready and accept that.

Ask the guys doing it. It’s their power fantasy maybe…I don’t know. Again…this is a roleplaying game at heart…if they enjoy the villain fantasy, Diablo 2 is the game where they can do that. It is not fair to limit the enjoyment of others just because you don’t approve to a certain aspect of the game.

Can please a serial pk-er illuminate these guys what they find enjoyable in this? I for one don’t care and don’t judge. As long as it is a game mechanic you should enjoy it if you want.

I wouldn’t call diablo an RPG but even by that logic, where is my option to avoid the villains and sociopaths? I am at the mercy of some loser with a pvp build that wants to kill players if i wanna play public multiplayer.

Give me an “allow sociopaths in my public game” option and everybody happy right? Oh no, we can’t have that, we need to please the scumbags.

It’s ABSOLUTELY fair to limit their enjoyment when they get enjoyment from ruining the game for others. I get enjoyment by killing monsters and playing WITH others. Then again, i’m not a sociopath, i don’t know.

You can avoid them by running(exiting the game). You also have the option to hunt them if you please. Get your geared up char and hunt them. Get revenge…collect their ears if that is what you wish. The game offers you the opportunity to return the favor!

There was a time when especially on Hardcore, people would contract ‘bounty hunters’ in order to hunt these kind of people, and exact their revenge. The bounty hunter would bring their ear and get payed. It seems that this is a lost practice in this day and age, and people don’t take advantage or enjoy the liberty that the game offers.
I understand your frustration. I was in your shoes multiple times, but Sanctuary is a perilous place, my friend. Deal with it. :vulcan_salute:

You know there are options to 1) limit the players who can join and 2) even the level?

But i don’t want to do any of the pvp things. Why am i forced just to give satisfaction to some jerks?

It’s like trying to play football and being ok with someone randomly showing up punching people and saying “hey, deal with it”. I shouldn’t have to deal with it. Leave pvp to people that want pvp.

And don’t forget the fact that one guy can ruin the fun of many other people. I’ve seen it happen in hardcore public games. One guy would go and ruin every level 10-20 games out there. One customer’s satisfaction is worth more than dozens others? Why?

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I honestly don’t know what to add more than I already stated. I am sorry that this thing frustrates you. As I told you…I can resonate. Been in your shoes years ago. But than it wasn’t like today when you have so many options for similar games.

I can also understand that more modern games keep it more vanilla, but this was the vision of the developers when this game was released. To create a dark, unforgiving and cutthroat world.
I stated this before: this is a game from a different era and the scope of this ‘resurrection’ is neither to compete with modern ARPGs or implement mechanics that drastically change the core of the game , neither to be a record sales success. The same as AoE2, undoubtedly the best remaster ever, the developers were not trying to compete with modern RTSs but the target audience was mainly the fan base that kept on playing the game for years. If they managed to bring players from a newer generation, that is fine, but not the main goal of the release.

You have two options in my opinion…you either adapt and overcome these challenges or you don’t.

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You forgot the third option. Adapt, overcome AND complain about it every chance i get.

Even ignoring the pvp element, we’re so far beyond what the developers envisioned that it’s not worth using as an argument. Diablo 2 1.0 is a completely different game compared to what we have now. They didn’t want us to use mercs beyond their starting acts, they didn’t want us to buy mana potions, etc.

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If I’m rushing people and someone decides that an 8-player game is great for MF, killing any of Summoner / Council / Meph / Diablo and wasting mine and a few other players’ time and effort while at it, I should have the right to unilaterally say “Not on my watch” and go PK him somewhere in the Chaos Sanctuary, for example.

You can also PK people if you suspect they’re using bots.

Then again, passwords and level restrictions are restrictive enough if you want none of this. I see no problem here.