How to transfer an offline character from ps4 to ps5?

Добрый день, недавно купил Ps5 до этого играл ps4 оффлайн, зашел под аккаунтом скачал версию игры для ps5, захожу в игру и там нет ни одного моего персонажа. И вот основной вопрос как перенести персонажа оффлайн (сейв) c ps4 на версию игры для ps5?

Good afternoon, I recently bought a Ps5 before that I played ps4 offline, I went under my account downloaded the ps5 version of the game, I go into the game and there is not a single character of mine there. And here is the main question how to transfer a character offline (save) from ps4 to the ps5 version of the game?



As EvilDeman, I play the PS4 version and now that I own a PS5, I don’t have my character offline.

Is there a feature or option I’m not seeing? I don’t want to start over, having 3 characters.

Thanks in advance for your answers and help.