I don't get that hell difficulty

I am playing the amazon with lighting bolts. Had absolutely no problem reaching hell.

But that difficulty makes me just angry. You skilled on lightning? All enemies are immune to it.
Reskill to fire? Next map: All enemies are immune to it.

Game feels broken for me because of that.

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Infinity Runeword
Sunder Charm
Wand with Lower Resist Charges

Skip all lightning immunes, when you can’t skip them to progress use a lower resist wand (buy it from drognan in nightmare) and follower to kill.

And when you have finished hell, easily doable as solo amazon if you follow the instructions above, farm areas which don’t have lightning immunes.

When you have a sunder charm and thunderstroke you can begin to farm areas with lightning immunes if you want.

get a Sunder Charm for lighting, is cheap now, you can get a good one for an Ist

It’s not broken, it’s just horribly, horribly dated. Pretty much every indie game on Steam is better.

:clown_face: :clown_face:

If you think that clicking one skill with your mouse button for hours on end is 2023 then you must be completely retarded emoji kid.

Please list all the mechanics and gameplay this game actually has, I’m waiting. This game was already horribly dated in the mid-2000s, yet here, 20 years later this clown comes and trolls.

Well in PoE people prefer to click no skill at all ( righteous fire builds ) xD. How does the amount of buttons pressed deter the quality of a game?
People today play games completely different than in the past. You people literally look up guides and play the most optimal builds and complain that the game is too easy. But you can’t even think for yourself for once and play games “blind”.
Most people don’t even understand defensives in D2 and play softcore that’s why you got that dumbed down easy one stat system in D4.

D2 for example has Armor → in PoE it is called Evasion,
phys. damage reduction,
Resistances / Max Resistances → The relative difference in taking damage from 50 resistance to 75 resistance is 50% and if you have 87(.5)% it is another 50% reduction relative to 75%,
Energy Shield
and many more mechanics only for the defensive layers. You have plenty of damage multipliers and utility stats in that old game. It got more complexity than games like D3 or D4 where everything got dumbed down to less stats just so people can turn their brain off and spam different buttons on cooldown. And people like you get the illusion of “skill” based combat where in fact the real “skill” comes in knowledge like understanding how multipliers work and aligning them at the same time.


Is it possible to farm Sunder Charms in Solo-plays?

You’re must be new. The game has been this way since it came out over 20 years ago.

The classic/old solutions were
a) to develop a secondary attack to deal with those enemies that are immune to your main attack
b) team up with others who either dealt with those immnues or broke their immunities via curses or aura.

Once Lower Resist charges and Infinity runewords came along, things got easier.

Today with sunder charms it’s almost too easy.

If all else fails in hell, there is always the CE necro.
He’ll solo hell if that is your thing.
Even with crappy gear.
Also, get him an A2 defense merc with the mana restoring runeword, it uses cheap runes.

But Sunder only drops in hell terror zones. This won’t help you to beat Hell first time.

And Infinity requires Ber Runes. Those are very hard to obtain.

True, but before Sundercharms existed, we all beat Hell with our first chars.

it is supposed to be hard afteral.

gear up your merc, Barb frenzy, with one sword Death rune PB, second what you afford, e.g. Grief or another Death or a good sword with LifeSteal, Fortitude armor(or Duress, Stone if nor afford Forti) and a good helm, e.g. ArreatFace, and he will smash the mobs you can not kill.