I need feedback

I am trying to post in technical issues regarding a technical issue… However, your site is causing ANOTHER technical issue: namely, it is informing me I must own the game! I do! It is also stated in my owned games! Ironically, this means I CANNOT report the original technical issue which dragged me here…

Original issue:

Although owning a PC, PS5 and Series X, I decided to buy D2:R for my Nintendo Switch Oled, today. Looks very crisp on handheld.

Unfortunately, lacking super human hearing or, the ears of a canine, I am really struggling to hear the dialogue and sound (undocked, as per my purchasing choice). The sound seems ‘strangled’ and the volume output is painfully low. No other game suffers from this (I even need to lower their volume).

(1) Is this a known issue?

(2) Is it fixable?

(3) Will it be fixed?