I would like to Change it on Diablo 2 R

  1. I would like to see a new boss added that you can’t kill alone. Only in a group of 8 people. And something unique and random at the same time fell from it.
  2. I wish they would change the colors. Ethereal and non-ethereal things. for example, now everything is gray, but they could add silver for ethereal things. So that you can distinguish it immediately. For example, a rare thing falls, but it does not glow much, which means it is ethereal. It would be cool.
  3. Remove all bots and dupers, but this is as old as time, it is impossible to do. I would like to play like it was in the first season. When the first Ber fell only towards the end of the first week, prices were higher.
  4. And finally. I think it would be great if all the statistics, descriptions of items, descriptions of the cube, recipes, levels of things that drop, all internal numbers were in the game. So as not to look for it on the Internet, because it scares away new people, that there is a lot of information from the outside. Those who have been playing for a long time know everything.
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a boss you cant kill in singleplayer ist stupid.

it is only for Battlenet!

in bnet you can run nude runs in group without gear