Insane rubberbanding

Whats going on, hours ago game worked fine, now crazy rubberbanding constantly. Anyone else ?


Yes. Europe servers are trash atm. Please blizzard fix this.

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same here, massive lags since server maintenance warning 18.30

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yep same here game is lagging sooo mutch

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true, same here. Please fix this : )

yep, same here. Still waiting for a fix.

Same here (Belgium).

Same Still waiting : )

same … thank god it’s commong. thought it was my pc or smth. blizz, please fixeniro

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same…same…same…same…same ):

worst thing is, they probably dont even know about this…

Same here and its getting worse

big lags also on EU server. Even when there are no massive lags the servers are usually quite slow

Same, haha, and I also thought it was my junky computer. Good to know it’s not. Please Microsoft fixerino.

Same here, impossible to play. Massive lagss

Extreme lag spikes / rubberbanding on EU still going on right now, Blue pls?

Glad it’s not my connection… can’t move out of town

got the same. was fine one moment, came back awhile later and it was rubberbanding time

same problem, impossible ping

Doesn’t look like they are reading our posts… I just went back in the game and first game was fine… then massive rubberbanding again.