Is mod color drop allowed?

Really difficult to recognize an object in the ground mass, so can we install it without be banned ?
is this mod allowed inline ?

Hi, all!

This is a simple mod that changes the color of the text of the dropped items, in the inventory they all continue to look the same as always, except for the runes and charms that are also modified in the inventory.

Works with all languages!

Unlike the rest of the loot filters, this mod does not shorten or lengthen names.

You can play online with this filter if you want to, or don’t. Been using a filter since launch of D2R, still not banned. Blizzard likely enforces consistency for files that they don’t want modified thus you’re limited to what you can do regardless, unless you start injecting into the game.


1. Extract archive into your “Diablo II Resurrected\mods” directory (if you don’t have that folder, create it)
2. Goto D2R on Bnet launcher, click gear icon near “Play”, click “Game Settings”, check “Additional command line arguments”
3. Add “-mod Colours -txt” to the text box below, and click “Done”
4. Play

The changes in the colors of the texts are as follows (these only apply to objects on the ground):

    Heal Potions: Light Red
    Mana Potions: Light Blue
    Rejuvenation Potions: Light Purple
    Ethereal base items: Dark Gray Blue
    Socketed base items (including ethereal w/sockets): Light Teal

These color changes also apply to items in your inventory:

    Small/Large/Grand Charms (including annihilus, hellfire torch and gheed's fortune): Turquoise
    Runes El (1) to Dol (14) = Dark Red
    Runes Hel (15) to Um (22) = Orange (keep the default color)
    Runes Mal (23) to Zod (33) = Red

Extra: Socket / Eth item info is in light blue, you can see it in the pictures. (sorry for my bad english ?)

I hope you like this mod.

Greetings to all!


I used the color filters from Windows, also hard to see for me the health bars of monsters in some eviroments. That can no tbe a porblem to use.