Is unplayable on ps4

Is unplayable D2R on ps4, i’ve expend pandemonium keys 3 times trying to kill ubers, and is imposible 'cause the loading screen when throught the portals is around 10 seconds (i have 100mb on internet so…). The problem is not online mode, is in single play too.
So, I’ve tried to request refund but none answer me. I didn’t pay 39,99 dollars to play a unplayable game, and i’ve been too patient waiting for the fix.
I need answers now!

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Same issue here, beat the game on normal started playing act 1 nightmare and its unplayable, can’t even play it for 15 minutes without it crashing or interrupting my connection. What a waste of money. The ridiculous load times are pretty stupid too.

Agreed and now I have 2 weekends in a row failed to authenticate :confused:

same issue here. i wrote the support and asked for a refund or a exchange of the PS4 version because this problem does not appear on pc. i don´t understand what is wrong that the bosses can attack me WHILE the area is not loaded completly. i lost 9 keys, 3 organs and of course a whole weekend of farming those…i realy handled ALL the other bugs in this ps4 version because i could play it in the end. But now it´s useless and unplayable. i did pay 40€ and they don´t even want to give me a PC-version FOR the Ps4 version…what the heck…