Ladder reset communication?!

I know there have probably been many posts about this, but i can’t believe we are in the same boat again.

Every ladder we get the “oh we could of communicated better/we could have put more planning in”… yet the same thing happens every season.

Just communicate with us, it’s not that difficult


I agree. But sadly I’m not surprised.


You have no idea how it is incredibly difficult for them to actually consider customers exist!
They actually believe we are soulless wallets ^^ That’s probably why they can’t figure out how to deal with bots, as they think we all are…
They won’t release any patch note for any of their games and won’t let us know what is planned :wink:
Anyway, if ever they would, they are unable to keep up with their announcements X-)

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Probably all they could say atm is like “there is nothing to say. we got no idea what will happen within the next 1-3months”.