Let's Talk about MOSAIC RW

I was actually so excited to try the build as it was so hyped up by MrLlamaSC but boy was it a disappointment.

I thought dual wield will be nice but comparing it to other classes, the requirements are just an absolute joke. Meaning the keeping of stacks. As this is in my opinion completely unplayable at best when you in party with lets say Javazon. With the right gear she just melts everything and no requirements to keep or refresh some silly stacks every 14sec. They should really stay in definitely. To reset them, all that is required, is to swap to your secondary weapon and deplete them.

Who in the blizzard thought that the current play style of the build is actually a fun? Sometimes there are no monsters anywhere tobe seen even in 14 seconds of porting through the map, when you clear certain area or backtracking. In comparison with javazon she doesn’t need to keep any silly stacks and melts everything all the time.

I was actually looking forward to this season to enjoy the assassin after a long time but stopped playing as soon as I got 2x mosaics and enigma as the play-style is absolute garbage. Last season I enjoyed playing blizzard sorc whole season even hit lvl 99 this season it is just hard pass. Got actually a chance to play d3 season 28 and you know what? Doesn’t matter that I finished whole season journey to achieve guardian in a week. I actually enjoyed the whole progress of my characters every single moment of it. In d2r you get required gear for ‘‘the best’’ build and the build sux. All you need to do is to let the stacks last indefinitely. Maybe then the build actually going to be a fun to play. So far it just feel like a junkie is chasing his next fix lol.

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for mosaic build you will need a lot of attack speed and attack rating.

What does that have to do with anything he said?