LF Friends to learn, farm and have a good time with!

Hey! As the title says im looking for people to make friends, learn and farm togheter and have a good time with in d2r. I bought the gamee at release but did not play that mutch got hooked into wow.
But now around i decided to really learn the game and play everything out of it after work and weekends. I will be doing ladder.
Im close to 40 years and from sweden. Chill, friendly and talkative.
My timezone is EU CET.
Add me on battlenet if you want or if theres a nice discord community to join?
Bnet: Hyde#21758


hello, just added you, im from holland with a swedish wife xD

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Hi. I’m down, had the game from release as well. Took a long break, but now Im back.

  • btw. I’m from Denmark.

hey hey!

I’m in Belgium. My 12 year old son and I play regularly.

I sent a request.

Are you guys still playing it ?