Maintenance on Europe

Hello Gamers, what is wrong with this? I know its just a maintenance around 2 hours more or less. But guys, do u want this for ur own if u start playing after a day full of work? What is wrong with this? Blizzard do the Maintenance on Games in the time between 12pm and 9am on Europe. It looks like US is getting prefer and EU has just to live withit or just without. This is what is looks like.
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No idea… Some devs maybe run out of common sense?? Or they just give a crap about it :slight_smile:
It would be nice to have any feedback why is this happening…


Agree, its prime time in EU and than this must be the best time to maintain a server. :S

i guess it is as simple as they dont want to leave work too late so they schedule it in their working times while $%&% on their customers from other regions

if i would treat my customers like that i would be fired

ye, working myself as IT Technician, if we would do maint on our cloud 2h during best office time, i would be in quiet huge troubles :slight_smile:

ya, we maintain online shops. i need to work at night for deployments

I don’t quite understand the problem. Some region will always be at a disadvantage. You have to maintain all the servers at the same time, because they synchronize with each other. Maybe relax a bit and go out for a walk in the nice weather.

why not shuffling it? why does it allways occure on EU prime time?

I don’t exactly know where they do the maintenance from but for Irvine (Blizzard HQ) it was 10 a.m. and for New York (Vicarious HQ) it was even 1 p.m. at the start of the maintenance. While your assumption may be true, they still could have started 2-3 hours earlier in Irvine or even 5-6 hours earlier in New York. This is just a random ass time they chose.

just make it fair for all regions

or dont do all realms same time

And will be nice if Blizzard add some message “Server is Down” in the Luncher. Now I try go log in and i can’t. Have to check in the forum to realize there is a maintenance.

In normal online games there is Server Status on the Luncher. With Red and Green dot. Is not so hard to be implemented.

Because this game is “Global” as they call it , they follow US maintenance…ofcourse…
Not just did we get murdered at ladder launch at 2AM at a weekday, every single time with maintenance as well.
Beyond stupid.

Before at least we used to get launch first, but that was global. It’s 2022, might as well globalize everything now… billion dollar company and all, not an indie developer.

So I just googled and found this thread from May 2022.
Guess this is still not an issue for Blizzard…

why not showing maintance for 2023 this year where is it and not tell ?

They don’t care about EU, their big markets are the US and korea. I mean, if I’d live in any of those two countries I’d prolly spend my whole time inside playing a 20 yo game as well.