MF towards uniques / magic items - official reference?

People have always been arguing about how mf works.

I do believe the famous content creators / big websites describing how it works - more MF is always beneficial, because when a base items drops, it first rolls for a unique, then for a set and so on so on. That disproves the common misconception that “more mf than (any number) hurts because you’re getting more magic items”.

But here comes the question - where do all those people get the information from?

I’m struggling to find any source where developers from Blizzard state “it works like this and that”. Not just for MF, but for other game mechanics as well.

The argument should be: It hurts because even more MF has diminishing returns but you most likely decrease your kill speed. And you should expect to come away with more uniques and sets when your killspeed is noticably higher even though your MF is slightly lower.

Info: Playtesting. And then publishing it. One example would be The Amazon Basin.

www.theamazonbasin. com/wiki/index.php?title=Better_Chance_of_Getting_Magic_Items
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Note that the wiki hasn’t really been updated for D2R.

There are 2 methods to undestand and discover game mechanics.
Live Debug → This is this one that has been first describe by Jarulf for Drop mechanism . I have personnaly describe the assembler function on several forum
MOD : MPQ and files change → Change value in a mod can lead to game mechanism understanding too

Live debug is not possible anymore because this is against the new blizzard policy on modding.

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