Mobs on top of dark wood wp

Hey blizz
my hardcore died today, during loading screen to dark wood wp, as treehead woodfist killed me.
Please look into mobs arent near waypoints. thanks.

This game is all about RNG, you got the 1/1000 chance where the tree was next to the WP.

Sucks, but you have to move on. They don’t care about HC, it’s like a bonus fun mode. It explicitely says they will not restore your character/look into anything or any other fancy things regarding HC.

If you play on a console or a weak PC don’t do HC, or basically don’t do it at all as there’s no real point to it. It’s dumb really, one power outage on your full geared 99 character you spent 2 months on and it’s gone.

Don’t listen to Kandrax. HC is fine but once in a while you have to deal with bullshit like this. It’s more like 1 in 100000000 chance to die in a loading screen and there is plenty of options to create beefy characters that can tank all the monsters on hell difficulty even on a budget level(Get Blockcap early on 75% and go for resistance cap with smoke runeword and try to make a CTA early and with that you are kinda unkillable). Just do your research and enjoy the superior gamemode where you still have some kind of enjoyment instead of playing games like a zombie.

Blizzard is not going to change anything for HC and also not for SC players based on requests in this forum so you have to find a solution yourself.

And bytheway Kandrax there is a healthy HC community that is actively playing that gamemode so your argument is already debunked by that simple logic.