More than 20 characters please

Hi Blizzard,

I really enjoyed playing D2R since it came out but I cant seem to do that anymore because my character slots are simply full.
I would gladly pay for that and i think many people would, too.

In short the arguments that come up in this discussion and my response:

  • Just clean out your mules
    I can do this to a certain point but i simply dont want to anymore and i dont want to
    spent the time doing it. Additionally, the 20 slots are not enough by far to play all
    viable character variations. (let alone having mules)

  • play offline
    I could do that but to me it wouldnt feel good / the same. I just want to have tradeble
    items so that I can have the illusion of spending countless hours for something worth
    it. I dont know if others feel like that as well, please comment.

  • there is not enough space for blizzard
    please… I mean I get the argument that everyone would have like 1000 mules for
    EVERY item IF we just would have unlimted characters (though even then i dont think it
    would be such a big problem. If so, please enlighten me). BUT just limit it to like 100
    characters and/or let us pay for it and this is a no problem.

  • other developments are more important
    To me personally this is by far the biggest problem that actually keeps me from
    playing. Best prove: Me taking the time to write a comment in an official forum =)
    Also I dont know if this is an insurmountable hurdle to take without spending a
    lot of time on it (Best case szenario, just change a 20 to 50 or 100 in the code)

  • just get a second account
    I would do that if it was at least somewhat comfortable or operable on one computer.
    And even then I could not trade between the caracters as freely as I would like to.
    Although i would probably rather do this than stopping completly if there were an
    official option on battlenet.

  • why pay when we should have this for free
    I get the argument, even the people that agree with my point mostly think it should be
    free. I think so as well, but alas i dont think it will.

Anyway, just my 2 cents, feel free to disagree =)


I totally agree with the suggestions. I thought about the same thing just the other day. What I thought could solve the mule issue (and need to have more characters) is introduction of something like Armory.
Wouldn’t be cool if it was something like a collection for unique/set items. All of them available in the game would be there by default in grey. Once you find the item, you can store it in it’s designated slot - it would be colored. You can replace the items in the slot (if you find nicer stats for example, but only 1 items per slot.
I don’t know about everyone else, but I usually don’t like to throw away unique and set items just to have a nice collection in my stash. But then quickly the need to create mules arises.
Anyway, I agree, something needs to be done.

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Yes we have had this kind of thread atleast 100 times already. They either are working on it or we will never see it.

That’s probably why we will never see it. There are just too many people who don’t want additional cost implemented into the core game but as you said you can already buy a 2nd account as an unconvenient workaround and a lot of people do exactly that also to have more diablo clones spawning a 2nd or more accounts are needed anyways.
I think it’s time to move on to better games and come back for some seasons. That way you can delete your characters and have enough space for 2 weeks gametime.

Yeah just like stash tabs in PoE solved that issue a long time ago. They don’t need to innovate they just need to copy.

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Well blizzard thinks they know best in spite of their abysmal record of balancing their games. Maybe blizzard will listen if we can buy more character slots. Also like 15/20 of mine are mules…

Im out of char slots too :confused: Dont think Blizzard cares though so no ladder for me this time. Really cant understand why they dont allow more chars. In D2 LoD i could create infinite accounts and mules and now we are stuck with 20 chars. This is a joke in my opinion and u cant even buy multiple copies of the game on the same blizzard account u litterally have to make another acc to do so. Time to look for another game i guess

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I am now sitting and trying to decide what to do after seasons 2 end, feels like not enough time and will have to delete half of my characters. It should be:

  • 20 slots ladder
  • 20 slots non-ladder
  • 20 slots hardcore ladder
  • 20 slots hardcore non-ladder

for offline probably 100 with possibility to move any online character to offline, obviously no going back.

Same. 17/20 chars only for a very bad item-management with mules and stupid log-in/out sessions.

I think blizz can do it easy, but they want we buy this shitty D4. D2R is only to get many players back to Diablo, to sell more D4.

Yes, Blizzard please, anything for increased inventory space. More characters, or more stash tabs per character, please just give us something – it’s incredibly frustrating being capped to 20 characters.

You could go the exta mile and implement the Unique Collection stash from PoE, which allows you to store 1 of each unique / set item. I’d even pay a small extra fee for that. But if that’s too much to ask for right now, please at least give us more characters or stash tabs.

We ABSOLUTELY need at least dead chars to not count towards the char limit. Or to have a separate graveyard for them.