Mouse leaving screen in fullscreen

Today when I started up the game I started having issues where the mouse leaves the screen. Previously I played in fullscreen and had the mouse locked inside the main monitor. I tried restarting and changing settings back and forth but I can’t get the mouse to stay within the monitor while playing anymore. The issue is that I die if my sorc stops teleporting because the mouse is just outside the screen.

Any tips and tricks? Or do I have to stop playing D2R?

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I guess you use more than one monitor / screen?

If that’s the case, then you can’t avoid it. Adept your play style to it or use just one monitor :wink:

I have the same issue !

First time it happens and I’m playing with 3 monitors !

FFS…did you even look in the options menu? Just check the box for ‘Confine mouse movement’? :roll_eyes:
The entitlement is soooo high. No research done prior…straight to complaining and threatening to quit the game…


Thanks, it resolved my issue.

I was going through the options for a long time and did not find that option. I googled it with tons of different phrases and looked beyond first page of results every time. Maybe I just missed it? Or maybe menus were bugged?

Calling out issues that randomly appeared out of nowhere is entitlement? English may not be my first language, but I don’t understand what you mean by entitlement in this context. Also I was not threatening anyone. I already paid for the game and I would probably go back to old d2 instead if the problem wasn’t resolved.

Why do you have to mean? You could have just said “Have you tried the ‘Confine mouse movement’-button?”.

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You are welcome.

Look twice next time. For sure no rogue bug in your UI.

I don’t care.

I am a good man with bad intentions. C’est la vie!

i had the same issue for for a long time before i realized 2.4 patch just changed the default setting for cursor confinement, i understand your frustration, the game has been so broken and notoriously gltichy that when you encounter an issue first thing comes to mind is that “oh this is just another bug”.

Man I am sad for you.

Go get yourself a life; forums won’t fill the void you feel inside.