New content season 6 !?

I take a break and come back to season 5 and find out nothing has changed in the current season… I mean whats up with that?.. Not even a single new runeword?..
Hopefully some new content will come to d2r at season 6 otherwise what is the purpose of having seasons other than rushing for lvl 99?

Wouldn’t it be cool if season 6 had some new content like, new runewords, change of some old unused uniques or maybe even let us choose a “off skill” from another class. Like forexample you could pick Assassin and then choose a skill from another class to mix into your build, so if you would you could choose “teleport” at lvl 18 and skip enigma. (note this is just an example) I think this could bring some new content and interesting builds and let us players get a new experience.
Also some more stash, a loot filter or like would be awesome.

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bingo. no new content. unlikely new rune word. rush to 99… that is it. oh and even field at the beginning.

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I don’t mind grinding just for lvl 99 actually after i have thought about it. All i am waiting for is just for a announce date which hopefully comes very soon that way i can start fresh like everyyonelse on hardcore at not came 3-4 month late into a season.