Nintendo Switch Patch 2.3

Hello dear customer team,
I’m playing Diablo 2 resurrected on the Nintendo Switch. The new update is out as of today and it has been updated. In the patch notes you can read that there should be an option to change the difficulty using the “Game difficulty scale”. I can’t find this anywhere.
Have the Switch players been banned from this expansion?
It would be nice if all players could benefit from this change.


Hi, i also have the same issue where i cannot change the /player count due to the “Game Settings” Tab in options not showing in-game or from the main menu. -Rather frustrating after reading the 2.3 patchnotes when they were released.

Me neither have this option? Wilk it be updated?

Same problem here. The game is updated. Can’t find offline section and difficulty slider in
gameplay tab. Do I need a fresh install or something?