Non-ladder Sunder Charms broken?

In the patch-notes 2.6 it was written that they would begin to fall out in non-owner, while not a single one fell out in 6 hours, asked in the chat-they confirmed that they did not fall out of anyone. Forgot something to “screw” to work or what?

There are a few Non Ladder in Traderie, wait some more time and will be a lot.

This is sold by those who came from season 2. There are a lot of them in the lobby, asking for the worst charm -90-95% Ist and above, and -70% - in general Sur-Ber :slight_smile:
In the description of the update, it was written that they would fall, but they do not fall, this is the problem.

hmm, i paid a Lo for a -72 fire sunder in non ladder.

maybe i paid too much for it. but when:

In the description of the update, it was written that they would fall, but they do not fall, this is the problem.

it is true, it wouldn’t be a problem for me. because than that was a good trade for my non-ladder fire sorc (with flickering flame and phoenix).


but i believe i just wasted my Lo and will find some other fire sunder charms soon, in non-ladder.

I let myself be surprised … :v:

Bought today in non-season a Physical sunder charm with 14% more Phys dmg taken for 2 Vex. Not sure if price is ok, but there was another guy that asked a Lo for a 11% one…

but, do this charms really drop now on non-season?

Yes, I am sure, I get one a few days in non Ladder

ya, drop in non-ladder, had 3 drops last 2 days.

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Do we know anything about sundercharm droprate in ladder?

Is it in hell only or all over the board?

  1. Sunder charm is against the philosophy of D2R’s end-game experience. This game is too easy not too hard for end-game players. We need more challenges, not an easy mode. Sunder charm is widening the gap between casters and fighters. Sunder charm shrinks the build-diversifies. Lighting Sor and lighting Ama which have already too powerful, now get a new buff.

  2. The core mechanics of this game had been sundered. Because casters are too mighty, immunities are designed to limit its whole-map farming capabilities. If you are a single element majored caster then the core philosophy of this game is you can only enjoy a bunch of specific zones. This mechanism will encourage physical end-game build or dual-element majored build. This mechanism also welcomes team cooperation making D2R an internet-oriented game. Now this game is more solo than ever. Everybody is farming in their own terror zones in single-player games, which obviously is against the mainstream tendency of gaming.

simply because there is no personal loot.

I do it because i prefer going at my own pace and sometimes do a zone that is not even terrorized.

With teleport in the game and different fcr frames it his hard to sync as a group so you are either left behind or ahead of others. And for me it is not really fun waiting for some to catch up and then one shot the pack.

I only ever use public games for tristruns, tombruns etc. Still prefer leveling solo

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The Sunder Charms are the only reason I returned to D2R.

They should have given us them 23 years ago already.

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