Please add some form of monetization to D2R to finance future content

Seriously just something, cosmetic only shop, addons to buy, heck even seasonal cosmetic only battle passes or whatever sounds hot these days i dont care.

The only important thing is: absolutely onlycosmetic shop options, if its not paid addons.

D2R is such a gem, there is a player base and a whole community with content creators and all who are ready to spend cash if you keep D2R up and running. For the purists just add the option to play D2R on its current state - similar to d2 without lod ladder.
Then just monetize the game and use a portion of profits to finance devs time to keep the game receiving updates. If the income is low, dev time is low, thats okay :stuck_out_tongue:

I know im desperate at this point. But please =)

It wont matter how much you patch D4, i wont buy this game. Gimme a chance to spend cash on D2R thanks.

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I agree, D2R needs a form of monetization otherwise they will never care about it.

My suggestion is to allow MOD developers to host their mods on Bnet. Each Mod dev could then charge a one time or subscription fee to play their mod and Blizzard would take a cut.

By doing this, they would garantee a revenue stream from the game and infinite content for which they don’t have to pay developers. That’s a win-win situation.

Mods have kept D2 alive for 20 years and they can keep D2R alive for 20 more. Just give them a place to host their content legally.

Do you hear yourself? Why would give this company any more money after so many disapoitments? Because of people like you, paying for all crap they throw at you (w3, d4, d immortal, wow) we all dont have qality products anymore. Plz stop saying such stupid stuff.


No, thanks?
Payments in paid games are cancer. Diablo 2 also does not need any addons, it is perfect as it is and honestly, it didnt even need being remastered. Glide was enough to make original game compatible with modern monitors, pixelated graphic was no problem either and all the good mods are still running only on original D2LoD.

Yep we just have a different opinion, go play PD2 then if you enjoy it, i love this remaster and after the release i thought my hype for the game would drop really fast. But the changes like TZ and sunders and also the really easy to implement stuff like new runewords kept me interested for so long. I don’t have an issue with spending some cash on a game regularly, if i play it regularly and it gets content regularly. And as long as its not mandatory to pay and its cosmetics only, it doesnt change for ppl who dont want to keep spending.
And for all that dont want changes its easy to implement a D2R pure option, just like its possible to play D2 without LOD currently. Its as easy as that.
Me and a bunch of friends gonna start the next ladder, but if there is no content in the next season’s i guess my friends wont play another ladder with me and then i will stop playing too. Makes me sad as it would need so little to keep some more fans interested and playing D2R imo.