Please give us back the old Diablo 2(difficulty's too low)

Could you just give us a “hard” mode. I used to play the original game and it was way harder. Now I seem to “one shot” everything that moves. I would like(and I’m not the only one), to be challenged again. For me it does not make sense to play this and not die at all, even when I play poorly.
NB: I’ve a character on “harcore”, it doesn’t solve the issue, if I die it’ll be my own mistake, and a waste of my time. The game won’t be more challenging, it will simply eat your “real” life away(after all, you could do something more interesting than grind your way up to where you died)
Disclaimer: I’m a casual player. I don’t care about “I do it blindfolded” people, or follow “builts” on youtube, because I want to play my own game, my own way. Still, being casual, it should be an issue that I find the game too easy. I think blizzard(and Ubisoft) have been dumbing down game to avoid frustrating some players. I want some challenge, you could make it an option in game creator.(this way everybody’s happy)
And no, doing the game over and over to unlock “nightmare” and “hell” isn’t an answer either.(I’ve done it in my old time…hell…I’ve even done it on Diablo 1. Yes, I’m that old!). Some people just want to appreciate from scratch, not run it over like a road kill and do it again hoping to have more fun.
Thanks for reading me. It was a bit longer that I first planned.
PS: I think I’ve been polite enough, if you find my plea useless, please read something else, I don’t need the hateful comments. I find most of the topics here useless for me(I’ma casual player, remember), but I don’t insult their authors because those same topics may be useful to somebody else.

What makes you think that they made the game easier ? I thought they just made the exact same formulas as the initial game. Maybe it’s just you who got better and not the game that was changed ?

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I did give athought about that, and my memories are from a long time ago(in a galaxy…). But for exemple: I remember Blood Raven could give you a hard time,like really,and I killed her in four or five strikes(I didn’t count, it was like 2 ou 3 seconds)with a paladi. but I don’t think the class I use matters that much)… Same thing for the mob, with the name I never remember(Raka…something), guarding the circle of stone(who just fried you with electricity)…and again with the ones guarding the ignifuss Tree, who were really tough to kill, and I didn’t even notice wiping them. Bathory was hell in my memories, but it was a walk in the park now. Maybe some things have changed: I played mostly barbarian, necromancer(quite easy to handle in most cases) and sorceress back in the days(I feel so old when I say that), and I didn’t play Lord of Destruction much.(I did play nightmare with all of the three classes mentioned, not that it matters, but I did finish the game at least once) Paladin may be much easier to play with. But I don’t feel my skill went up that much. Sure I’m only talking about act 1, I just got the game. But here’s the thing: Act 1 does not have that much skill involved because you don’t have that many skills/powers. I feel your basic strike is just too powerful. Another example: Griswold, in Tristram, was really hard to kill, he could tale a beating. I killed him as easily as the others. And again, I insist, I don’t think that much skill was involved.(Maybe I’m the almighty god of point and click! :wink: ) I sure do have a better understanding of how the game works, (Diablo 2 was quite a new kind of game at the time, even after the first one), but to me it doesn’t explain how I can jump in the fray quite uncaring, and come out victorious like nothing happened. I should give the old version a try, just for comparison’s sake. My eyes are going to bleed a little, but it may be worth it. Maybe I miss some patches that made the game easier(like after Lord of Destruction), but as it is, it’s clearly not the game I remember. And not the one I hoped for…
NB: It did feel a little “tougher” to kill with the sorceress’firebolt, wich I tried for a short time. Maybe Paladin is really a powerful class to begin with.
PS:Just for argument’s sake, I had found Diablo 3 too easy too(and I didn’t like the Runes system, which is another matter entirely). And I insist, I’m not a good player. I sometimes keep equipment just because it looks good on my character. Not to a point of being useless in battle, at some point you have to upgrade, but it’s a pleasure I indulge in.

Let me see if I did understand it correctly. You play the game on normal difficulty and complain it is too easy, but refuse to replay it on nightmare and hell, because of… what?


Play hardcore as a solo-self found pacifist from lvl 1 and get to hell a5 without attacking or casting any spells on enemies. = Hard mode! And no don’t tell me you don’t wanna do nightmare/hell over again. It’s part of the game if you don’t like it or understand that monsters actually get more life/more dmg/more resistance’s and thus (a more harder mode) then don’t say we need a hard mode. You are allowed to make your own rules aswell which could be playing as a pacifist and don’t use any mercenary’s, casual gamer playstyle right there. Something for you<3 Otherwise you can’t really brag about being a real casual gamer if you haven’t played as a pacifist before.

Not hard, only tedious. There’s nothing hard with using 5000 TPs and 20.000 potions that have no CD whatsoever.

It’s a 2D clicker game with 1-attack enemies that are programmed to tunnel vision you. How do you make that hard.

Sure, go ahead and give every enemy 1 million health but it’s still not hard. Tedious is not hard.

Thats how IT IS. Like IT or dont. Maybe d4 is more the Type of game for you later. :blush:

  1. Sunder charm is against the philosophy of D2R’s end-game experience. This game is too easy not too hard for end-game players. We need more challenges, not an easy mode. Sunder charm is widening the gap between casters and fighters. Sunder charm shrinks the build-diversifies. Lighting Sor and lighting Ama which have already too powerful, now get a new buff.

  2. The core mechanics of this game had been sundered. Because casters are too mighty, immunities are designed to limit its whole-map farming capabilities. If you are a single element majored caster then the core philosophy of this game is you can only enjoy a bunch of specific zones. This mechanism will encourage physical end-game build or dual-element majored build. This mechanism also welcomes team cooperation making D2R an internet-oriented game. Now this game is more solo than ever. Everybody is farming in their own terror zones in single-player games, which obviously is against the mainstream tendency of gaming.

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