Quick Cast changing skill on right click permanently


I have a problem and rly hope someone can give me advice:
i use Quick cast
My Key Bindings are like that
Skills 1 to 12 are bind to F1 to F12 and 2nd keys are like follows:
F1 - A
F2 - S
F3 - D
F4 - F
F8 - T
F12 - E
Weapon switch is on W
Healing on Q.

Select Skills are bind to Buttons i NEVER ever reach accidentaly:
’ and /
Far on the right side of the keyboard so i NEVER ever misclick them.

On my Sorc on right click i have Telport bound to F5 allways active.
Blizzard is bound to F4. I tele into mobs cast Static Field on F3 then i spam some Blizzards.

Here is my problem:
For whatever reason sometimes F4 remains active on right click instead of F5 Teleport.
So i try to teleport out of a pack but it doenst tele since right click is now permanently F4 Blizzard.
To change that i need to selecto the right clicker in the menu bar and choose Teleport again.

Why is that?

I dint change my skill with “select previouos skill” since taht button is on the far right of the keyboard so i never click it.

I hope I could explain the problem.


First thing I can think of is that your mouse scroll wheel cycles between your bound skills, so if you accidentally scroll, you’ll go to from F4 to F3 or F5 depending on direction. I don’t know if you’re able to turn the mouse scroll wheel off somewhere in the game settings, but I’d have a look at that and see if it helps!

thx but NO
i did bind the Select Skills to Buttons i NEVER ever reach accidentaly:
’ and /
and removed the mousewheel bindinds therefore too

Ah, then I don’t know man, you could open a ticket with Blizzard to see if they can help directly. Hope you find the solution!

I have the same problem with my sorc.
I also use quick cast and the skill I keep on the right-click changes from time to time for no apparent reason.
I have a corsair keyboard and razer mouse if that helps.

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I’m having the same problem, and I’ve disabled the mousewheel thinking that might have been what was causing it, as well. Did you ever find out what was happening… for me it’s usually changing to meteor instead of being set on teleport… mostly causes my merc to die, never died from it and I play HC… if i ever do, i’ll be pissed

it’s weird that it never seems to change to fireball because i use fireball (f) way more than meteor (r) … I have another problem that makes it even worse (might be my keyboard) I had teleport bound to “T” just in case this happens, but sometimes without pressing “T”, i’d teleport anyways… maybe i was barely bumping “T” when i’d hit “R”… but it’s very sensitive if that is the case… so i’ve started using F1 for teleport, in case my right click gets messed up… not sure if that will fix the random accidental teleporting when i’m using other skills

I have the same problem. I also posted it on reddit. But no solution yet: https://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo_2_Resurrected/comments/10yvufy/space_bug_with_quick_cast_hotkeys/

I’ve recreated this several times,

make sure tele is not set to a skill only the skills you are changing, using quick cast having no button attached to my right click skill.

I have a similar problem with my paladin. I have auras bound to 1, 2, and 3, and Smite bound to right click. The scroll wheel kept cycling through auras though, so I remapped the scroll wheel functions, except now when I hit 1, 2, or 3 it changes my right click to that spell. I reset the keybinds to default (both types) but the bug remains.

Blizzard doesn’t do play testing as part of their SDLC… sorry