Save/exit kept me in game 30+sec and died lol

Died 2 times this season on hardcore with 2 fully decked out paladins. The first one i left half life in chaos cuz bo ran out character died. OK. remade no big deal tonight i left full life in tzone no mobs close 2 me to make new game. WELP i failed makin the game 2 times. so i swaped to my filler acct and watched my paladin slowly die. I was in channel for atleast 30seconds haha.

Well yes that is hardcore.

lol i no that ive played since d2 orignal beta. ive never had this issue before let alone 2 times. im guessin the servers are shit dog sh it at night for NA.

Why are you playing on NA servers when you are in EU? Ofcourse you are gonna get lag :stuck_out_tongue:

im not in europe lol. musta posted on EU FORUMS . ETHIER WAY game makin u stay in game 30+ sec after u leave is lame :slight_smile:

It is, I had 0 lag since release, but I guess the servers in NA are more stressed.

im not laggin ethier . just when i go to exit its keepin me in game . seems 2 be around primetime NA i guess. my paladin was in channel 20-30seconds atleast i watched it die from my BO barb in town slowly lol

teleport to town THEN save and exit → solved

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No point in playing HC, other than sabotaging yourself for no gain at all.

What are you even trying to accomplish? ‘‘Look, I can beat a pss easy 2D clicker 90s game without dying, where I can grind up for as long as I want before moving on’’?

There’s a reason literally every D2 content creator avoids HC like the plague, they see through the BS. It’s literally like saying yeah I’m vegan while the doctor tells you eat meat, you’re unhealthy and you need minerals.

Like really, I don’t get it why people play HC. In the end you lose your character not because of a pss easy game with retard AI but because of stupid technical things. And then you go on to create a new character in some online boosting game where you stand in town while some random people get the amulet and staff, wow, so much challenge here.

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lol i played hardcore d2/poe since both games came out. im fine dying to disconnects from my internet and watever . but dying 2 times cuz the game keeps me in after i leave to make next game is wack. its 2023 lol. i never once had that issue on old diablo2 servers :slight_smile:

but this thread is not about that OP is crying? LOL

He is taking the L isn’t he? Just read his posts.
People complaining that other people enjoy a different gamemode is outride small minded and you shouldn’t comment on something that you dont get . Kandrax is putting all Hardcore players in some weird category instead of trying to understand why they enjoy it. If you don’t like hardcore then skip this post easy as that. And he is also known for his right-wing inappropriate views.

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if someone, e g. Kandrax, has other opinion than you then he is inappropiate?

If your opinion includes that someone has no right to exist then this “opinion” is considered inappropiate yes → Context Matters