Smiter gonna do ubers

Hi I have a level 87 hammerdin to magicfind in hell and a level 86 hammerdin that will be my smiter to do ubers. Im looking for friends that can give advice about gear and skills and stats for a smiter. Im looking for someone that has a smiter or character that can do ubers so we can do uber together. I have a 3x3 set and we have to agree that the one that provide the keys gets the organs and torch. I need to level the smiter so it would be great if you can do telebaal runs or help with the most difficult quests.

In return I can rush your lowlevel characters in normal and nitemare. I have a level 80 sorceress. I may have some simpel items to gear you.

Im aspects#1847. Add me up and lets do ubers together.

already posted in your othr thread

I want to join the group and do ubers…

If you got the keys then your more than happy to join me, i dont need the torches

just got my first on Asia

Hi, if it’s possible I would like to join your group, I have keys and organs