Softcore Non-ladder Europe looking for group

Hi, I started playing the game few weeks ago (I played way back in the day), and I have been pretty regular and enjoyed it so far. I am looking for some people to play with, as farming alone is getting kind of boring at this point. I already have some decent gear, so we can do Baal runs or whatever.

I play in Europe, softcore non-ladder clutch#2239

Hi there, you can add me (Gallows #2250) on bnet. It would be nice to do some baal runs together if we catch each other online. Cheers! (:

Hi, you can add me too: Sneaky#23721 I play fairly regular perhaps we will meet ingame

Hi, im keen to find a chill group. Add me LukeGinge#2457. if you make or got a discord channel even better