[Suggestion]Difficulty modes beyond Hell

Hello everybody,

As most people know, once you kill Baal in Hell mode, the game is pretty much finished.
Sure you can work toward better items, but the challenge of the game goes away pretty much as you do.

For the longest time I thought about this, and, in my case, while I feel like the game offers no more challenge, I’d really wish that killing Baal in hell would not be the end and that pvm would keep getting harder and harder.
So that all those ppl who have been collecting items can finally meet a challenge,

Of course I know that manny people appreciate the game in different ways and I am aware of the different profiles.
People who play casual with friends (one of my favorite style)
People who do Pvp (where the items are actually never obsolete)
People who do HC (who are challenged in their day to day life and are not strictly seeking more, but might)
Etcetera, etcetera.

I also know that the game is old and that the ressources for the staff working on it might be limited.
But here I am, simply presenting an idea.
What about a level + mod after Hell?
Just out of my head, without thinking, a new game mode that would follow the progression of monsters levels, hp, damage, resistances etc. between normal mode, nightmare mode and hell mode, and pursue it beyond Hell.

Everytime you finish the game you would unlock a new level of Hell.
Until you finally reach your limit.
I think that would be so dope.

This suggestion only propose a new challenge, no new items, no re-balance or anything.
If these new levels can simply be modifiers to monster stats, it would be neat like, each time you unlock a new mode, there is a simply a new modifier that applies to the game world, buffing monsters and debuffing Players resistances.
Let say, monsters would get
+10 dmg, +12% dmg
+30 hp. +12% hp
+10 res (all res), +12%res
+x levels , +x levels skills
And they would get those bonus applies on each new difficulty mod.
Those difficulty modes would go on, and on, just carrying those modifiers.
People would probably be stuck at level Hell 10, while in reality the game could carry like that an infinite time, or if finite, something like level 99.

As for the incentive, some ppl like to have some. Some people say the game is already broken as is. But this new level difficulty modes could actually be the answer to this feelign of ‘‘broken’’.
For me both would work, if incentive there was, a minimal increase to drop rate would work.
I would probably just venture there for the lols and push the limits.

Alright, thanks for reading me. Have a good day everybody.

p.s: I’ve been thinking about this thing for a long time, and I thought, ‘‘hey’’ why just not post it, at least it’s there in the ocean. :smiley:
p.p.s: this suggestion would not benefit from new items or balance change, that would not detriment it either, it would simply live on its own as the game is. The game should not adapt to this suggestion, this modes should simply be new windows for the players to push their limits in pvm.

Blizzard won’t add anything to D2R unless they will sell enough copies of D4.
but yes, D2R need an end-game.