Sunder Charm what?

Just got a Cold SC, thought now this game will finally be playable solo hell without relying on JSPed items.

Boy I was wrong, immunity is gone but the damage is garbage, it’s like I’m playing an imagined /players 20 or something and that is against mobs in A1. All it does is turning it from a clown fiesta into a jester show.

So basically still need one item (infinity) to make this game playable.

for melee builds the sunder is good, due to CrushingBlow the mobs with Psyhical immunity that now are at 95% are still easy kill cause now CB proc.

for cold try to get sone -5 jewels, but I think Lighting is better now for sorc.

with sunder, you dont absolutly need infinity. the charm put monster resistance at 95% so you do 5% dmg with only the sunder. add any item with -res and you will start to kill stuff easy. last season with my java, sunder and a thunderstroke was melting everything already.

How is that possible when I have frost mastery at -145% to mob res?

Frost mastery only gets 1/5 effective when affecting enemies who have been sundered.

  1. Remove all sunder charms or at least only keep sunder charms in ladder mode.

  2. Rase terror zones’ difficulty level. Greatly increase terror zones monsters’ hitpoints, damages, AR, and resistance. Terror zones monsters’ three main resistance(lighting fire cold) should not be broken by any means. Any terror zones’ difficult level must at least reach the world stone chamber.

  3. Just add 25 magic resistance to all monsters in the terror zone. The same philosophy is applied: single element majored character should not walk easily on the whole map.

I have doom ba -49% frost on my sorc and I 2shot mobs with blizzard and frozen orb, thanks to the sunder charm.