Sunder Charms do not work as stated in Patch Notes

I got an Necro Zoomancer with an Act 3 Fire merc who nicely Enchants the horde.

After reading the patch notes and sunder charms finally coming to non-ladder i though “now my merc can fight fire immunes too”. So i got my Necro a Flame Rift, placed it in his nverntory and went out of town to have my merc take on some Fallen in Hell. YET my merc’s Flame Fift supported 30 lvl Fireball does absolutely NO DAMAGE to the once fire immunes. WTF?!? The Patch Notes state Any abilities granted by a Sundering Charm will also extend to your pets and summons, so keep that in mind as you upgrade your character. So what/who is it now, Blzzard??

I re-checked Flame Rift with my Necro’s Fire Skeleton Mages. For these the charm does indeed work. Yet their damage output is so patheticaly low that a dozen lvl 32 Fire Skeleton Mages are BARELY able to take on a few Hell Fallen.

Bottonline: Sunder Charm usage for pets/minions makes no sense at all.

might be sundered mobs resistance shall be reduced to 75% and not to 95%.

You have to have something more than the sunder charm as it only lowers it to 95%. So rainbow facets, obedience or infinity for example.

Sunder charms on their own doesn’t do much.

Sunder Charms are a joke they do absolutely nothing if you don’t want to brute force and pump 30 sec of skillspam into every sundered pack.

Basically you still need to cheat (jsp, china rmt) or be insanely lucky to play this game. I played the original for 20 years on and off and the only high rune I got was 1 cham, so go figure.

I’d rather have them remove immunities and implement something else, something like every zone in hell is afflicted with a certain condition like constant rain of fire or ice novas or infinite poison, some telegraphed things that require movement, at least that would add SOME sort of skill check to this boring only stats matter game.

this is the problem of this game, not the sunder charms. I said a lot of times in the past, the game loot systme is bugged, some players find 1Ber/month and some 1Cham in 20 years…

You missed the point. Breaking monster immunities is as old as Classic D2 so knowing how to reduce enemy resistances is basic knownledge.

However the sunder charms hardly help for your pets/minions since you can’t equip them resist reduction stuff and the charms do absolutely nothing for your merc, no matter what.

Regarding high runes…
Nope, the loot system is not bugged. All it does is reward those who play a lot and the right places.

From personal experience i can say that running hell council is a pretty good source for high runes although it does not have a guaranteed rune drop. Go to Travincal, kill the council, grab the drops you like, repeat. It takes at best 3 minutes per run. Do this for about 1-2 hours per day and you’ll see results. During the last 5 days hell council gave me 1 Vex, 2 Ohm, 2 Ist plus a good bunch of lesser runes (Lem, Pul, Um …).

know this, also know other Bazaar runs… … but that is brain damage not gaming and have fun, repeating 1000 times same short activity is brain damage.

Well that is literally D2 no matter how you twist it.

You can also clear every area you want as long as you keep a fast pace. Travincal is extremely efficient but farming rare packs in whatever place you want is also good enough to find a high rune every other day playing a few hours per day.