Thoughts On The New Queue System?

i don’t think anyone would like the new system i think it makes no difference than server down i waited 30 mins to go online. and when the game kicked me happened to me once i waited again in queue

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Someone got any informations, if it´s impossible to login at the moment?
Cause everytime i try, the queue aint movin.

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Problem are not the servers. After reading what have they done, problem is that they have reutilized old code from diablo 2. The old one that was the responsible of server management. This part of code is a Singleton (in development language it means that only one instance could be run at once) and this is the problem… no more than one instance can be created in order that all the comunity could access to the same info… this is not enough for all the acces that the game is having. To correct this they will need near of thousand of hours of development because they have literally to re do all the work of the server management code… of course they have not explained this…


First off I hope all the people on these forums who threaten blizzard employees have their accounts banned and their locations submitted to their local authorities.

second as a sit in a queue at 301 which hasn’t moved in 20 mins my only gripe about the game was its high price tag of almost 60 dollars, if it was 30 I wouldn’t even care.

I will however give blizzard the benefit of the doubt because I am really enjoying the game and the more hours I get of entertainment the less of an issue the price becomes. I also know that Blizz employees are probably working crazy overtime right now.

people need to either Chill the eff out or get their refund and leave the comunity

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This is effectively making the game so much worse than it should.
The queue doesn’t do anything for most players except having them wait for more time to play than any server issues before caused.
So please blizzard by the love of god just remove the queue and fix the damned servers


Hey all,

A patch was released yesterday to add this feature. You can find the patch notes here:

For more information on the server outages, you can find more information in this post:

You’re more than welcome to provide feedback to the topic, and the development team is still actively listening, and working on the server issues as well as on the game to make sure that everyone can have a good time.

Please keep in mind that spamming threads about this issue won’t do much good however, as they may get locked, merged, or closed.

Thank you everyone. :pray:


Why then we have to search for that patchnotes thread?
Why is it NOT fixed at the TOP like the OTHER Patchlog topics?


Hey, WTF? 345 in queue to enter the game? So i have to spent my time to wait in queue? that what dear Devs tell me to do in Diablo 2? Will they pay me for mny time?


Geez, cut this poor, indie company some slack guys… They barely make ends meet…


I was like the first person last night to complain about queuing and they deleted my topic already. LOL I was expecting people to rip on me for complaining but now I came on here and that’s all I see are queue topics and people complaining >.<

Gotta love karma.


That’s a good question, I’ll see what can be done to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.


We didnt payed 40E to stay 30-50 min in que are u actually dumb?


Lol…now we got to sit in queues? What’s slowly becoming of this game man. 280 in queue, and that doesn’t even budge. 20 in another region, which also barely budges but guess I got no choice but to play with lag cus it’s faster queues. Exactly the wanted to enjoy the game…lol. Great


Yup I have the same exact thing on my end, complete nonsense… Hope you have better luck than me.

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Because adding a queue is a much cheaper option than giving people what they have actually payed for by upgrading their servers.


[#D2R] We are aware of an issue that is affecting our authentication servers, which may result in slow or failed login attempts. We are currently investigating the cause and will provide updates as they are available.

Just saw this on their twitter, so hopefully its just a temp annoying thing.

Just went from #34 in que to online, so hopefully you guys got playing just now?

This is so annoying!!! Errors when creating/joining games, then you have to log in again to fix it… only to sit in a queue.


biggest problems are crashes and then u are in the queue again


Quieren imitar al New World?? así no van a solucionar nada salvo que quieran una huida de jugadores. No es el camino que deben de coger, deben solucionar el código fuente del otro juego no poner colas. Lastima que Blizzard como empresa va de mal a peor y que nunca leerán esto, pero deberían de quitar las colas YA!!!