Thoughts On The New Queue System?

Yeah, sounds right. I played the game almost 20 years ago. Back then, there were baalruns and other runs as well, so dont say the servers have issues because the players keep creating games. Its the same player behaviour as it was 20 years ago. As if there werent any runs back then. All you say sounds like the players ruining the game. This is really the last thing you should say right now.

Can I get a refund, Blizz?

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Even the pd2 servers worked better that this crap you have developed with your massive budget, no words to describe this scenario.

Every single person involved in the management of the servers deserve to be fired inmediately: You dont earn the money they pay you.

se os tenia que caer la cara de verguenza

and this happens a lot, u queue for 1h play for 30 mins and game crashes.

верните деньги, качество услуг не соответствует моим ожиданиям

As a father to two kids, I can play like maby 20 min here and there. in the weekends.
Well you F-ed me hard blizzard, Que system does not work for us, Im sorry but Blizzard is feeling like its run from someones garage rather then a big corp.

And I work with Infrastructure on a daily basis.

And game crash = new que. IS total BS!

Bascically queues on a popular server killed the vanilla experience for me. And now your artificially killing D2 too?
Thanks blizzard… you don’t rock :frowning:

Atleast in vanilla you could reroll on a dead server to play foreveralone, but here the queues are for the entire online experience.

248 queue in europe
118 in americas

they don’t change at all. this is flat out a scam.

You can’t do holy grail with our new limited inventory in D2R…

joined queue, 269. fiancé joins queue 10 min later, 263. nothing changes on my side.

The queue system is arguably the single most frustrating thing I’ve encountered during 34 years of gaming. That in an industry that often uses frustration mechanics to force MTX.

I understand that there’s a requirement to protect the servers and work through all the technical problems but the soloution is FAR FAR worse than my experience of the problems prreceding it.

I dislike games which frustrate me intently as with limited gaming time, and with a plethora of alternatives, I want to maximise fun per hour.

Edit - I also suspect that people will try to keep logged on for as long as possible while being inactive to avoid the queue. This will just compound and perpetuate the problems.


I just wanted to log into the game but I am in a que 145 atm. No changes since 8 minutes. Please fix this, its sunday and people want to play games in their free time. We also payed 40 € for this.

I can understand queues in a game like World of Warcraft… or more recently in the polemic New World in wich hundreds or thousands of characters need to be TOGETHER in the same virtual playing space

But not here… put a friking second (third or 5923052th) server more!!

Any possibility to refund this trash? In account is no option to do that. Product is completly unplayable in way you told me it will be. I don’t want to play Single player.

I ask for a refund, it’s insulting the current price of the game.


Its a damn joke, queue for a Diablo game??? Like what in the hell…
But who can be surprised anymore, its Activision. They got their money now, they dont care if we complain on the forums. We got fucked again.

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The “geniuses” of the development added a queue, but the auto-kick from the game for a long inactivity in the game, no. “- Brilliant, Watson!” (No). :joy: :joy: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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It’s a joke, they are just taking the Micheal at this point.

Queue is awfull. People have only certain time to play. For example - hour in a day. But you cannot play this hour, because of Queue. This is not so hard to understand