Thunder-strom effect is way to bright

For some reason i can’t post this in the correct area, can a mod please do it for me, thank you

Hopefully, this will reach the development team.

I presently play on the ps4.

One of my most favorite skills in d2 is thunder-storm.

At present it’s a very underperforming skill in terms of damage but i thought i would give it a whirl as i had fond memories of having used it many many years ago.

I was not surprised by its lack of damage but what i really did not like was the effect it had on my eyesight. Every time the spell pulses it emits a very bright flash that adds a lot of strain on my eyes, especially when used in a dark area, caves etc.

It’s just like the first time you open up the portal to Tristam, the brightness of the lightning is just over the top, i actually move my character away from the portal opening, off screen just to avoid the flashing.

After 5 minutes of using Thunder-storm i actually had to respec out of it, as the flash is really distracting and ended up giving me a serve headache.

I do have sensitive eyes, but out of all the spells in Diablo 2 res, thunder-storm is the only one that is effecting my sight, can you please add an option to tone this effect down or turn it off, not sure why the whole screen has to flash bright every few seconds the spell procs.

I have tried to adjust the settings on my tv etc but to no avail.

Can you please have a look at this, as I am sure that i am not the only one that has this problem?

The game is fantastic, just needs a few tweaks here and there.
Thank you for your time.


i have the same problem with this skill.

I totally agree. I can’t use the skill at all. At least have a way to turn it down. It’s brutal

Ive tried every COLOR BLIND mode to see if anything helps, Im not being dramatic here. I switched to Lightning storm build and I had to stop playing, My head feel so weird right now. This aint normal for me. My head is weird and thinking of playings making me sick. Which makes me wonder. do I have some underlying something.

With all accessibility stuff I’m surprised there’s not an option for THIS SKILL ALONE to just turn off the brightness. Rip used my last respec.

May have to play legacy veiw. not kidding.

Edit: yep… playing in legacy mode till I can repsec… haha…