UBER Diablo - Uber Trist runs

hi troops
Its looking like there’s going to be 2 events on non ladder softcore soon.
If anyone wants help killing Dc clone then give me a shout, i don’t need
any reward, i just love kicking his BUTT.

Also if anyone needs the ubers doing, as long as you have they keys, i am happy
to get you a torch. Again no payment/reward is needed. and you keep all the drops

Happy Grinding…


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Hey are You online right now?
I know it’s kind of late but I’m stuck with my first char barely entered hell, and dclone spawned, could you asist me?

NVM I’ve blew it… better luck next time i guess…

Sorry i missed you
ive added you in the on bnet, you should have kept the game live, but happy to do the ubers today

Happy Grinding…