Unique Items and abilities


For the next update can you please make the unique items better? It might be nostalgia talking, but I really don’t like the rune system. An example could be Mara’s Kaleidoscope. The way it is now:

+2 To All Skills
All +20-30
+5 To All Attributes

It could become:

+1-3 To All Skills
All Resistance +10-30
+5 -20To All Attributes
+10 - 30 Faster Cast rate.

Another example, the GrandFather Colossus sword you could add:

+50% Deadly strike

Or, as it is a unique item, give it a unique ability like :

  • 1-25%(Based on Character Level) Devastating strike (4x Damage)

I don’t want to replace the runes, but I think this will give the game a little more spice, and a lot of people who think uniques need some love will appreciate it. Because of the variance, like the Mara suggestion above, traders would love it too. Imagine the hunt for a perfect Mara.
Another example of a great unique nerfed is the Arkaine Valor. It used to be something like this :

  • 200% Enchanced Defense
  • +2.5 Vitality/clvl
  • 30% Faster Hit Recovery
  • +2 Hit Points/clvl
  • +2 to All Skills
  • Indestructible
  • +50 to Fire Resist.

More Suggestions it let Unique Indestructible items have a chance to drop Ethereal. Right now the Indestructible bonus does not have any real Value.
Some of this comes from me seeing how runes dominate some slots completely. For weapons you have Breath of the Dying and Grief(and more). For Armor you have Enigma and CoH(Although Viper could complete for Sorc only). And, to me, the most absurd of all is spirit. Very cheap, and very powerful. It seems not very well trough of.
As for sets, Nobody uses a complete set for end game any more, this is why, maybe, once a set is full it can give a unique ability to that character. Some examples:

Full Immortal King:

Berserk Doesn’t loose Defense when attacking
Increase Battle Orders Efectivnes by 50% (All characters can have BO now thanks to runes, I still think there should be a way bards can use it best)

Full Mavina:

Shoot double arrows( as in 2 instead of 1, also doubles for multiple shot)

Tal Rasha:

Enemy Max Resist vs your spells is 50(Weather it goes for immune characters… lets discuss it )
+100% mana

These are examples that I though of in 10 minutes so they will need to go trough Balance Police. Well this is it.

I stopped playing some time ago(6 months), I would love to go looking for items again. Thank for reading.

You forgot something on your idea for Maras:
+1-3 To All Skills
All Resistance +10-30
+5 -20To All Attributes
+10 - 30 Faster Cast rate
Cures cancer

Also I stopped reading after that lol

yeah mara is already strong

if you wanna look at buffs, you gotta look at rare uniques that aren’t really used.
tyrael’s, crown of ages, metalgrid, wisp projector, shadow dancer, soul drainer, nosferatu’s, steel shade, steel carapace, those sorts of items

Ok hear me out, We add “Cures cancer” but we keep the rest?