Unstable connection


I have a problem with latency since the last weekend (first spoted 07.04. ). My in game latency seems to be all over the place (16ms to 200+ms) which causes rubber banding and makes the game hardly playable in multiplayer. I’ve been monitoring my internet connection ever since and cannot spot any major packet losses or latency spikes when measuring google.com,, or with a pingplotter. I do not have such problems in Diablo 4 or other games, so it seems to be a D2R issue only.

Is there anything I can do narrow down my problem or is there any known server sided issues?


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I’ve been experiencing similar issues, including rubberbanding even in town.

The issues have returned.
A few hours ago things were fine, now it’s unplayable.

Yup, teleporting in place is a thing.
Makes me suspect they changes servers to run in azure cloud service with really bad performance as expected.

Well… great service is great :confused:

D2R is notoriously bad at handling package loss, so any small problem will seem big in this game. But it shouldn’t affect so many people on all realms, so its probably something else