We desperately need a Self-Found (not solo) mode

I personally love trading, BUT. Seeing how d2jsp ruins ladder resets, all I want is a separate mode for people who want to play it fair. I want to be separated from those who just buy everything with fg farmed during previous resets, that’s unfair and not fun. I do not wanna play with these people.

Now, to the people saying “but it’s not a competition, just play your way, how does this affect you?”. I’m not even gonna address the fact that Ladder IS a competition, it has rankings for a reason. Anyways.
Imagine you’re running in a marathon. Then one of the runners just gets into a car and drives straight to the finish line. According to the rules, he’s not in violation, and gets the prize for 1st place. Not cool, right?
This is what ladder with d2jsp feels.

P.S. Just don’t make it “solo”. I’m not playing online ladder to play “solo”. I want to play with people. I will gladly accept not being able to trade if this means I’ll be separated from the d2jsp cheaters.

Love d2jsp, but it shouldn’t be used as it is used in ladder.