What about a new season ladder in D2R?


All in the title : What about a new season ladder in D2R ?
Start date ?
New features ?
Nothing ?

are the D2R’s season dead ?

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There is no money to be made for Bobby, so no.

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Yeah, that’s what i think too

Well doesnt matter anyway. Its an all duping botting, cheating, p2w game. No point and fun playing it…

Would play this game 24/7 but why farm something if you can buy it for 0.10€. So stupid rly…

*Unfotunately also diablo4 is just complete trash regarding the gameplay, feeling and fun… so whatever… i knew i shouldnt have spent my money for it… but i hoped it would be a good game anyway… well it isnt.

Generally I agree with you. Bots already ruined big parts of D2 LOD for me.
But I still played it from time to time. Finding the items was a big part of the excitement for me. Not just owning the items.

I really hope they will manage to control the bot… or lets say… I hope they will feel like they have to take actions. I am sure if they wanted they could solve the problem more or less easily. But same as in WoW… they seem to not feel the necessity.

Also agree on off topic D4 rant. Such a disappointment. I pre-ordered every single blizzard title… but D4 managed to change that. So many promises about content and incredible seasons… but jesus… what did we get -.-
The game wasnt finished at all. Gfx, combat… awesome. But everything else… I almost feel betrayed. They can fix it… if they really want to. It has to chance fundamentally to be a DIABLO title, to be a decent ARPG.