What's with the loading screens, man?

How are people even playing HC with these portal loading screens? Are they gonna fix it??


true even with m.2 ssd the screens should be faster.

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what loading screens? I’m playing on 4k and there’s not even a 0,5s delay when entering a zone.

Well that’s funny because streamers like MrLlama and Dbrunski with some of the best hardware available are having loading screens.


Ingame I agree with you. When I enter a dungeon the loading times are very fluid. I think the thread is meant to be about “the door”.

I see, guess I interpreted “portal loading screen” different in like “walking through a town portal”.
But even the game loading screens aren’t even that long, definitely shorter than old D2. I’d say it’s 5 seconds for me maybe.

Yeah but imagine a 5 second load on a hot TP in Hardcore man. You’re as good as dead. Thankfully I play Softcore, so it’s only a QoL issue for me, but still…


when im DEAD then and press continue i have 2 minutes loading screens! when im back everything is already looted and dead.

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I’m playing HC and like I said, I don’t have any loadtimes ingame. But there seems to be a bit of discussion on reddit aswell. Some people say they have long loading screens and for others it loads instantly.
Dunno what’s the reason for it, maybe its not Hardware related at all.

I was wondering the same thing, Makes me not want to play HC if the load times take this long entering portals/wps and such, i dont lag like this on any other games, even if i lower the settings, the music gets all choppy too but i guess thats another completely different issue

I’ve had a portal loading screen when monsters where there and nothing happened to me.

5 seconds is a really long load time for a portal my man.

what are u even talking about?

You wrote that you get 5 second loading screens, and that you play HC. I am saying 5 seconds is a long time in hell difficulty in HC for your character to be stuck in a loading screen. What’s hard to understand??

I said 5 seconds to load INTO the game. Ingame I have no loading times like I wrote 3 times already.