pls why is there no new content and u do a new ladder? whats the point when there is no new patch? come on atleast do something, add 5 rw’s or something make some off speccs better, its really not that hard, 1 person can do it…


D2R is done for Blizz…

nobody is even here. and nobody works on a patch

They wanted to announce the dead season so you would play d4.

Translates to “D2R makes no moneeeeh. Why don’t you play D4???”

It takes ONE dedicated dev (an actual d2 player) to make us happy, which you can easily find among us. Hell, if you snapped your finger, you’d see hundreds of volunteers with expertise raising hands. But no, why bother making bunch of old people happy, to whom you happen to owe everthing you have today. Abandoning your loyal player base is not the future for game developement. And I am not even sad you’re going to find about it the hard way.

You haven read the news? This game is a money’n’grab to fund things in Diablo 4