You should do something with ladder and PvP

PvP in this game can’t even be regarded as side content, it’s completely pointless because there are too many ways to avoid it, save & exit or create a private game outright. It’s just some 90s thing where most things in games didn’t make any sense.

Same as ladder, it’s only about time-investment, or more like uninterrupted time-investment. Go to sleep or work after ladder started, once you wake up or come home you’re already out of the ‘‘race’’ and that is considering you have the most basic single life possible.

So get your Blizzard Masterminds ™ going and think of something that is actually engaging and not grossly favoring nolifers and/or cheaters. How about invasions like in Souls games? Wanna play online and do your little boosting and JSP shenanigans? Well, then you’re also subject to being invaded. Tie it to PvP and ladder or I dunno. Make people lose random stuff when they die in PvP or chicken the game. That would also make it so that people can’t reliably run their mainskill+synergy+synergy+synergy mongo builds with their 10 official BiS items over and over.

Game as of now is mostly pointless and D3 is better by miles. It’s just like some dress up an ugly barbie with virtual items that have no point because there is no endgame or any game for that matter.

tottaly agree. actually there is no PvP in this game, is just a switch ofensive or how is called. PvP means thete is an “arena” and the game establish rules for the PvP.

ladder is just “who eat faster 99 sousages”.

anyway, nothing will change soon for D2R as Blizzard need to sell first D4