“Augment failed” ancient legendary won’t augment

Augment of ancient items “Tasker & Theo” gloves and “Occlusion” ring won’t augment in cube. All of my other ancient gear has augmented OK. Mats in cube are as per spec.

If they don’t get augmented they are a) not ancient or b) you miss some ingredient.
So once again, posting a screenshot might help.

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Looking at the OP’s Seasonal Demon Hunter - Vesper - their Tasker & Theo gloves and Oculus ring are both ancients, so this has to come down to the other materials involved in the Caldesann’s Despair recipe.

I’d also point out that they’ve applied Vitality augments to their Quiver and Zodiac ring rather than Dexterity so perhaps they’ve run out of Flawless Royal Emeralds?