2h ww-rend barbies

hey, seen a few barbs running 2h weapons, and doing some insane damage in gr100-105, is that somehow viable option?

GR 100 - 105 is not high. Did you check what weapon they were using? The Furnace? Messerschmidt’s?

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While using a 2H weapon does deal way more damage than 1H weapons, I’m still very sceptical about its viability. Due to greatly slower attack speed generating enough fury while WW:ing can be tricky. Also lower attack speed makes it more tricky to apply 2 stacks of Rend on enemies.

I’m not convinced 2H weapons are even a decent choice.

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It could also bee that OP has seen some group speed builds that might use a 2hander (Messerschmidt’s) with F&R… and Squirts necklace…

Doesn’t slower speed also drain less Fury for WW since WW attacks happen less often?

Does the Rend attack stack?

Lets say Rend happens in 1 second
You attack WW every 0.5 seconds so do you trigger Rend twice in 1 Second?

With Lamentation Rend can stack twice on each target. But you only apply one stack per hit which means you have to have enough attack speed to apply another stack before the previous one expires. With 2H weapons the overall attack speed may be too low to keep the Rend damage output high enough to really justify using 2H weapons.

While WhirlRend isn’t so dependent on attack speed as the classic WhirlWind, you still need enough to apply two stacks of one second Rends on all targets. That’s why dual wielding 1H weapons is the preferred option.

Its viable to a certain point, you won’t get the higher rifts with 2-H weapons.
You won’t get up to 2 aps with weapons like Furnace or Messersmith, so you will lose a part of the increased damage you deal with Rend.
But worse is that you lose potential Cooldown and have a harder time upholding WotB, and I don’t even think you can manage both WotB and IP with a 2-H on higher levels.
Lower however, Messersmith is definitely viable as long as you 1 hit most of the targets and dispatch elites very fast, so will work for speed farming.

If rend lasts 1 second and you WW every 0,5 seconds, you will.
Apply Rend 1 / 0,5s apply Rend 2 / 0,5s Rend 1 drops and reapply 1.
So 2 aps WW is the ideal spinrate versus single target to get most out of your damage, less means no full time Rend after the second hit, more waste of aps that could have gone into other damage sources.
Not sure if you override older Rend, otherwise finetuning would be very important and 2 aps WW would be better than 2,1 aps WW, but I presume older rend is just overwritten by newer.