3100 paragorn Sader, perfect Valor gear - help me

I don’t really get it, i am not a top of the top player, but i am in that 10-15% elite.

I am a DH player but this season i have played SAder for the first time.
I have exactly the same gear as no#2 Crusader in leaderboards, using the same skills. Some of my items are far better than his!

I am fishing for rifts, I am using density as much as i can, hunting elites mostly.

I die too fast in GR 126, i cant make GR 126!!! my toughness is even better than some of the top 10 guys.

I have the same toughness 47M raw as no #2, and i am using 60% melee damage reduction gem too (instead of Stricken)… still dying.

What do i do wrong??

How do weaker people in gear and paragorn than me can do 130+ GR?

I have 700k life, should I increase it to 1m life so that healing incraese too (1% of total life?)

there are a couple of posibilities

1 the other guy is just a better player (not saying yur bad, not trying to insult you)
2 fishing, those other guys just fish more for better maps
3 they have a lot more paragon
4 fishing again, they just lucked out on the perfect map with the perfect mob type the very first key they popped
5 there is a piece of gear/skill rune they use you have overlooked

as to the the question of incr your life pool, you use eso they dont so you already have a lot more tough then they do so that probably isnt the solution.

but i aint an expert on crus so maybe im totaly wrong

i managed to do GR130, even without Esoteric.

Seems that fishing was the problem, coupled with a change on gear (switchd to Flavor amu + unity/justice rings).

Right now i hit a lack of damage wall, need a bit more paragorn (only 30k str) to increase the GR.

seems that the STR ratio is reliable of 30k for 130 GR, or 35k for 135 GR and so on.

Its all about the paragorn in the end, so i need more party GR for levels.