A bard for the depths

I’ve not seen a bard in game. I would like to see that. In any game period I’ve not seen a bard. I think this is a great idea. It’d be crazy for you not to implicate it especially seeing as Diablo 4 would be the only game to have a bard. Metal is very hot these days. Diablo is so metal. Putting a playable bard in game would be elite. Would be hardcore. Diablo would be the most metal game. It would draw a more hardcore crowd. Not only should blizzard be up in a roar over this idea the community is what matters. Push for it draw up characters make songs.

Meanwhile, back in March 2011, over a decade ago…

Rogue class. Bard soul.

The Bard is a valued group member and capable soloist, healing allies and disheartening foes with codas, cadenzas, fanfares, and anthems.